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My name is Davinder Kumar. I love designing and developing websites. I am skilled in using HTML, CSS, PHP, GSAP, SVG, VUE and JavaScript. I am comfortable using some of the adobe apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator,Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe XD. Furthermore, outside the world of coding, I love photography.

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Adobe Apps Photoshop/Illustrator/ Adobe XD

Family of Eateries-Restaurant App

Restaurant app showing some of local restaurants as well as their special dishes. This app is made using HTML, CSS, jQuery and GSAP.

MAD Movies

A website for movies. It is build using HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and JavaScript.

Tamagotchi Facial Expression

Game with a character of TamaGotchi world. This game is build using HTML, CSS, SVG JavaScript and GSAP.

My Photography

Website where I have all of my photography stuff. This website is build using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and GSAP!

eCommerce Wordpress

eCommerce website built on Wordpress.

Equipment Signout

Website App which shows some of the available equipment items that you can borrow from our college. I developed this app with the JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS.

Easy Groceries

A website for online groceries. The website is built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL database, responsive across all viewports.

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